Hello dear friends!

Sorry for the slow update. I feel so guilty for not writing in such a long time but I’ve just felt so uninspired and I’ve had a lot of stuff on my mind.

Last weekend I went to Sweden with Bogdan. We stayed in my moms apartment in Helsingborg and on Saturday we took the car and went on a roadtrip along the coast. We went to Höganäs to shop at Lager 157, a sort of outlet store with really cheap yet nice clothes. We stopped along the way in Domsten and Viken. The sights were beautiful and I couldn’t help thinking about how badly I wanna live by the sea. It’s been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. The sea makes me so calm and happy and I just need to live right by the sea someday. Yes, I NEED it.

Oh and another thing… I’ve been thinking about starting a youtube chanel for some time now but I just haven’t been able to get my thumb out of my ass and do it. Also, I’m not 100% sure of what to do or talk about… It’s something I really wanna do but I think I would feel insanely awkward. But “who remembers a coward” like Ernst Kirchsteiger says.

Here are some pictures from our roadtrip!

I’m posting these pictures with the risk of my mom seeing that I borrowed her shirt after swearing I wouldn’t touch her clothes… Meh, It’s worth it… I think.


Time to go shopping, we have a reason. Darlings I’ts bikini season!

Hello dear friends!

I’ve worked two morning shifts in a row this week and I am so exhausted. I have to be up at 3 in the morning when I have the morning shift. I know I’m overly sensitive but being tired really messes with my brain. I feel like a mad person. I can’t think straight and my anxiousness is trying to take over.  It’s like being jet-laged. I really can’t handle jet-lag. I remember when I came home from Hawaii after like 40 hours of travelling without sleep. I had to try to stay awake to not mess up the sleep rhythm but I was too tired and I got panicky because I honestly, for real thought I might die from lack of sleep… Sigh, I can laugh about it now but give me some sleep deprivation and I’ll go just as insane. Good thing I didn’t live in the 1800’s, I would have been put in a mental institution.

Today I am free from work and I really need to recharge my batteries. It’s so warm and sunny today. Summer just came to Copenhagen for real. I’m tanning in the window and eating banana pancakes while writing this. First real tanning-approved weather of the year got me thinking it’s time to get a (a.k.a some) new bikini(s). I have always had an insane bikini addiction. I buy several bikinis every summer and I can go insane thinking of all the different styles I want and how I will have to basically live on the beach if I wanna wear them all.

I’ve never spent much money on a bikini though and no matter how cool I think the Triangl bikinis are I just can’t bring myself to spend 90 dollars on a bikini. In my opinion quantity actually comes before quality when it comes to swimwear. I might also just be too poor for the opposite…

The warm weather got me craving to go surfing (the web that is).. Kidding, that was cheesy. Also hilarious.

Anyway. Ive told you about a site called before. They have a lot of affordable fashion, including bikinis. I’ve put like 10 different bikinis and bathing suits in my basket already… Will need to nail it down a bit considering I’m so insanely broke.

In June, Zaful are celebrating their 3 year anniversary which means more discounts for all shopping-addicts like myself. They will have free shipping on all Zaful products during the anniversary. I advice you to check out the “What is worth to buy” zone. A place full of buyer reviews that suggest products that are worth buying. This is heavens for online- shopping when you want some insider information on wether a product is true to the image or not.

Below you can see some of my current summer swimwear-favourites from and you’ll find the links to the product under the collage.

1. Red bikini set // 2. Yellow bikini set // 3. Pink bikini set // 4. Yellow bathing suit // 5. White/blue bikini set 6. // Pink/green bikini set // 7. Red bikini set // 8. White/green bathing suit

(In collaboration with

I hope you enjoyed this post. I would just like to tell you that even when I write sponsored posts like this one I always give my honest opinion and I only do collaborations with companies that I actually like. This blog is my diary, my creative space and hopefully, someday my income. I do what it takes to make it as successful as possible without loosing my personal touch. I know sponsored posts can be provoking for some readers because it seems dishonest. I can only speak for myself but in my case it’s not. I am as honest as a polygraph machine. Besides, a girl’s gotta eat, am I right?…


Copenhagen favorites guide

Hello dear friends!

On Saturday my family came to visit me in Copenhagen.  We had such a lovely day and the weather was perfect. I showed them around the city and took them to some of my favorite places here in Copenhagen. I thought I’d make you a little guide and talk about these places so you know what you have to do when in Copenhagen.


PapirØen (The Paper Island- Copenhagen street-food market)– Close to Nyhavn you´ll find this culinary heaven. It’s a large shed filled with local food stands that serve they’re own specialties. Here you’ll find everything from falafel, to burgers to, indian food, to danish smørrebrød. My favorites are the Indian butter chicken and the pulled duck.  If you come here on a sunny weekend at lunchtime, be prepared to sharpen your elbows. It is so insanely crowded. Good thing is you can bring your food and go sit wherever you want. I alway sit at the end of the dock, in front of the opera house and enjoy the view. If you’re able to go here mid-week, I would suggest it because it’s way less crowded so you will get a chance too look around without wanting to punch people.

Trangravsvej 14, Warehouse 7/8, 1436 Copenhagen K

Quesadillas from the Tacos Chucho-stall
Not sure from which stall this deliciousness comes from but if I remember correctly it’s a fired cinnamon-bun with ice-cream and chocolate and caramel sauce… I mean…
My all-time favorite: Butterchicken at the India-stall
Yummy falafel from FALA FALA
Pulled duck from Duck it


Makes you this happy…

Nicecream– I am absolutely addicted to this place. It’s a vegan ice-creamplace (for those of you who frown your nose at the word vegan, fear not this stuff is honestly tastier than normal ice-cream) It’s made from coconut milk instead of dairy and their cookie ice-cream sandwiches are to die for. They also have healthy ice-cream bowls made from frozen bananas that taste too good to be healthy but they are(!)

There are 2 Nicecream-places in Copenhagen. Make sure to check their opening hours before to avoid major disappointment…

Enghave Pl. 10, 1670 København V


Elmegade 30, 2200 København N

I’ll just let these pictures speak for themselves…

Torvehallerne– This is a market with food, flowers etc. There are cafe’s and restaurants inside where you can find yummy stuff to eat or you can just stroll around and look at weirdly sized fruit like I did…

Frederiksborggade 21, 1360 København K

Giant lemons and midget pineapples at Torvehallerna (did I mention I was very into self tanning at this point…)


The Organic club– This is a vintage concept-store that I absolutely love. They have a fine selection of second-hand clothes, different price range but nothing too expensive. They also have some accessories, interior and organic cosmetic products. They have a membership which is optional that allows you to get points for the clothes you leave there. Then you can chose to pay with your points but anyone can shop here and pay as usual.

Istedgade 124, 1650 København V


Pictures borrowed form The Organic Club

Notre Dame– A supercute interior-store. They have a lot of stuff and I can walk around in here for hours. I’d advice you not to bring your boyfriend here, he’ll just follow you around like a lost puppy looking really scared and uncomfortable…

Nørregade 7, 1165 København K

Picture borrowed from

Søstrarne Grene– When I was a kid my grandma would always buy stuff for me when she visited this store. They have everything. Interior, craft supplies, accessories, food etc. It’s like Flying Tiger but “nicer”. The prices vary but most of the stuff is really cheap. It’s also a nice atmosphere in here with classical music playing in the background.

There are a few stores in the city but the ones listed below are the most central ones.

Amagertorv 24, 1160 København K


Kultorvet 2, st. th. 1175 København


Nyhavn– Despite of how touristy this place is, it’s actually really beautiful. If you go here on the weekend you might just wanna take some pictures of the colorful houses and then get the heck out of there asap because it’s just too crowded. However, if you come here in the middle of the week when it’s less crowded, I suggest you stop for a brunch at one of the cozy restaurants along the canal. It’s quite pricey because of the location but most places have ok brunch or lunch deals.

Boat-tours– Touristy? Yes. But not to underestimate. This is such a nice activity on a sunny day. I’d recommend you do this mid-week because there are too many people on weekends. There are also smaller boats you can rent with a group of people if you wanna drive around yourself instead of going on a guided tour. Some of them have tables so you can eat on the boat. You find the boat-renting stalls and tour-boat stations along the canal in Nyhavn.

The round tower– Close to Nørreport metro station, on the way towards Strøget you’ll find this tower. You can walk all the way up to the top where you’ll find a beautiful view over the city. It takes a while to climb but you can stop along the way and read about history regarding the tower. There’s even a shop where you can buy souvenirs. Good thing is that it doesn’t have any stairs. It’s just like an upward spiral to the top which I loved because I hate climbing stairs. So even if it’s quite far it doesn’t feel as hard. (I’m not lazy I promise…)

Købmagergade 52A, 1150 København K


Pictures borrowed from

I hope you enjoyed this guide. Please leave a comment and let me know what your favorite Copenhagen-places are.


Fairytale morning

Hello dear friends!

Today my family is coming to visit me here in Copenhagen! I have a whole list of places to show them. The weather is so nice and sunny today and I’m really excited to show them around. I’ll try to take some pictures and put together something for you on the bog as well. Until then you can enjoy these lovely pictures I took earlier this week when I went for a walk at like 5 in the morning…


Current cravings

Hello dear friends!

It’s almost time to put the heavy winter coat in a box and replace it for something lighter. You know spring is here when all you need is a sweatshirt to keep you perfectly warm, or why not a denim gilet to give your outfit some edge.

I’ve always loved playing with contrasts and if I’m wearing a cute floral dress I like to pair it with something more sporty or edgy like a sweatshirt or maybe a denim or leather jacket. This way you can let out the little girly girl inside you, without looking like you robbed your grandmas closet.

This time of year I always get an urge to update my closet. As you can see below, my obsession this year is floral everything. Florals are classy and when done right, it never really goes out of style.

I’ve put together a collage for you of my current floral favourites:

  1. Blouse // 2. Gilet // 3. Sweatshirt // 4. Skirt // 5. Crop-top // 6. Dress

(In collaboration with


The story of a spoiled girl who forgot how to climb

Hello dear friends!

I woke up this morning with a positive attitude. I’ve been really confused about my life and my career and I still am, but I felt motivated to sort shit out this week. I called my dad to get some advice. Let’s just say I didn’t catch him in a great mood and our conversation just left me in tears feeling like a complete failure. I know he is trying to help me in his own tough-love-kind-of-way and I know I’m no picknick as a daughter but he also have no idea how hard I’m trying and what a progress I’ve made. I’d like to get some cred for that instead of having someone point out all the misstakes I’ve made. I´ts not like Im not aware of them but if I was gonna spend every second regretting the misstakes I’ve made, I wouldn’t do anything else.

I’m gonna be honest with you, I’m spoiled. I’ve been spoiled my whole life. Financially spoiled that is. My parents have been separated since I was 3 and since then I’ve always just lived with my mom and I mostly just met my dad at special occasions because he has always worked a lot. However he has always supported me financially. Cliché much?

My dad would show up twice a year on my birthday and Christmas and bring me the coolest gifts or take me to Toys R’us and let me pick whatever I wanted. Preferably something really huge like a bouncy house just to mess with my mom. It takes no Einstein to tell this messes with a Childs brain.  I have met my dad more often later in my life but our relationship have never been the same as me and my moms.

I know I’m spoiled. I’ve never been ungrateful though. I was never the kid who would cry and scream on the floor because I didn’t get what I wanted (maybe because my dad always bought me what I wanted… just kidding).

But I have always had that security in the back of my mind that my dad will always save me if I’m broke. When I was in school I never felt guilty about my dad helping me with money. I was so hard working and committed and I felt like I would be able to pay back one day because my education and ambition would make me rich and successful. This obviously just added to the pressure and I went pretty much straight into the wall at one point. I had to quit school in Paris (you’ve heard the story) and move back home with no education and no job. I lost my ambition for a while and since then I’ve had to really struggle for the first time in my life. It sounds pathetic to say struggle because obviously there are people who have it way worse and my problems are tiny in comparison. I’ve still had my dad to help me whenever I needed but this time it’s not without guilt. I am so confused and I don’t really know what to do with my life career wise. I have a lot of ideas but they all require a budget which I don’t have. So I’ve been struggling with where to begin and how to reach my goal.

I know that I will be successful, I’ve always known it. My problem is I’m not sure how to get there and I am so stressed about getting there asap. I know I’m still very young but the thought of spending 3 years of my life in school is just freaking me out. I want things to happen right now. I’m ready to work harder than anyone but does it have to take suuuuuuuuuuuch a long time before reaching success? If someone told me: In 6 months you’re gonna be successful if you work hard on this. I could do just about anything, but not knowing how or when or what is such an agony. I am so scared of wasting my time. I want to spend it on the stuff that counts.

The frustrating part is I know I would be the best boss in the universe. If someone gave me a company to run right now or unlimited money to start my own I would be so freaking good at it. I know that’s not how it works and that you have to start from the bottom and work your way to the top. I just know I am so much better at the job up there on the top than all the stuff down here at the bottom. I’m down here looking for an elevator to get straight to the top without having to climb the ladder. The ladder is so crowded and people are elbowing each other to get to the top, it scares me to even get in there. I was on that ladder you know. I hadn’t come super far but I was on my way. Somehow I lost my grip and fell down all the way to the bottom and after that It was like I forgot how to climb. I know there is no elevator and no one is ever gonna build one. So if I wanna get to the top I will have to take the ladder.

I realise when writing this what an insane and naive person I sound like but this is an honest blog and this is where I’m at right now. I’m gonna sharpen my elbows and get  back on that ladder. Wish me luck.


Happy ugly easter!

Easter is finally here and it’s time to decorate our homes in pretty pastel colours and boil a billion eggs. I remember easter when I was growing up. My mom would bring out the ugly little chickens with one eye and three legs and glue all over that me and my brother made for her in kindergarten. The ugly easter decorations collection would just add more items year after year until we were old enough to realise we had no talent and tell her she didn’t have to display the things we made her when we were kids. What a relief that must have been for her. Putting your interior dreams aside for years to make your proud little kids happy, that´s love my friends.
When I have kids and they bring me ugly little glue-chickens, I feel like I’ll be the kind of mom that says “ohh that’s so pretty honey, I’m gonna put it here inside the cabinet so it doesn’t break”… Just kidding, I’ll love and display every ugly little thing my kids make for me. But since kids are still far away in my plans I’ll enjoy this time to decorate my home just the way I want to.
Ugly chickens aside, easter is one of my favourite holidays. It’s colourful and happy and usually spring is coming to visit. I’ve put together a collage with inspiration for both your home but also some creative ideas for an easter dinner.  Hope you enjoy!



Foodie weekend

Hello dear friends!
I’ve had such a lovely weekend with my friends. On Saturday I met up with Klara to try out a vegan ice cream place called Nicecream, in Vesterbro here in Copenhagen. We ended up doing some vintageshopping as well and had lunch at a place called Zakabona. It was such a lovely day and the food was really tasty. The ice cream tho was to freakin’ die for! I had an ice-cream cookie that was so tasty, I’ve been craving it ever since we left the place.
On Sunday I went to do some sightseeing around the city with my boyfriend and some of his friends that were visiting from Romania. While I was still getting my beauty sleep they went to see the little mermaid (emphasis on little). Then I met up with them and we went to Nyhavn and paper island to have some lunch at the street food market. We had butter chicken that was so delicious. (If you’re reading this Emma, I had coriander and I actually loved it, can’t believe I’ve caved and started to enjoy that soap tasting garbage).
After paper island we went to Christiania, no man in their 20’s comes to Copenhagen without having that on the list. We walked trough it, soaking up some sun and passive weed smoke. Then we went to Bogdans brother to chill and play games. A really lovely weekend, I’d say.



Saturday brunchin’

Hello dear friends!
Today’s been a really chill and cozy day. I spent the whole day with my love. We slept in (he slept in, my inner clock woke me up at 7…) After a calm morning we went into the city to have brunch. We went to Nyhavn to sit at one of the restaurants outside. So did the rest of Copenhagen on the first warm, sunny Saturday in 6 months the weekend after payday. Who knew?..
We couldn’t find a table anywhere so we ended up on a parallel street that was way calmer, right next to the Swedish embassy. We had the tastiest brunch ever at a café which name I don’t remember (luckily this is not a travelguide because that would be a disaster).
Right now I’m home alone, while my boyfriend is visiting his brother. Tomorrow I’m starting work at 5:30(!) Did I tell you I got a new job? I’m working at Copenhagen airport in a store called Beck Søndergaard. I’m really enjoying it so far.  There is such a positiv energy at the airport. You can almost smell adventure and excitement in the air. People are so happy and nice from being on their way to or from foreign places.
Here are some pictures from my day with Bogdan. There was seriously no decent picture of me so I’m just gonna give you some food and buildings, hope you enjoy!


It’s bananas!

Hello dear friends!
Today has been a great day. Im feeling stronger and happier after writing yesterdays post. I woke up with an ugre to bake something. For me this is a sign I’m feeling better. When I’m low I have no energy or urge to bake or cook. So the fact I’m feeling like baking is pretty darn wonderful.
My sweet friend Klara told me she had baked banana bread last time we met. Ever since that I’ve been craving it like crazy. I’ve tried it before but never baked it myself so that’s what I decieded to do.
This bread was really simple to make and the good thing is you can vary it a lot with different ingredients and make it more or less healthy, gluten free, with or without sugar etc…
This is my first recepie post but I’ve tried to make it as simple as possible to follow. If I can make this, you can too my friends.
4 eggs
3 ripe bananas (It’s important they’re ripe)
5 dl (2 cups) flour– I used oatflour that I made myself by mixing oats into a flour (ambitious I know). You can also use weatflour or whatever the heck you want.
2 tablespoons coconut oil (Or butter if you’re in that mood).
1,5 dl (aproximately half a cup) of milk -You can use any type of milk, I used oatmilk.
1 tablespoon sweetner of your choice -I used agave syrup but you can use sugar, honey, maple syrup etc. My bread was not supersweet, if you prefer it sweeter, use more sweetner (duh..)
3 tablespoons pshyllum husk– Fun fact: this is called Loppefrøskaler in Danish, what a stupid language…
3 tablespoons chia seeds
1 teaspoon baking powder or baking soda (I’ve never understood the difference to be honest)
A pinch of salt (bae)
Ps. You can add nuts, dried fruits, spices etc. to make your bread extra tasty. I threw some cinnamon, cardamon and almonds in the mix.
Start by turning the oven to 175 degrees celsius (35o degrees F) -I know you would have forgoten this if I didnt tell you before the recepie. You’re welcome.
Mash the bananas and mix them with the eggs in a bowl.

Melt the coconut oil and add the sweetner of your choice to the melted oil and blend it. Pour the mix into the mashed bananas and eggs and stir it around.

Mix all the dry ingredients in a different bowl, flour, pshyllum husk, chia seeds, baking powder and salt. Make sure it’s well blended so you don’t get lumps of baking powder in your bread.

Pour the dry mix and milk into the bananamix and blend it together.

Add spices, nust fruit if you want to and pour the mixture in a baking pan. You can also pour it in muffinshapes if you prefer.
Put it in the middle of the oven and let it bake for aproximately 25 minutes -I forgot to keep track of the time to be honest but another recepie said 25 minutes. If you’re making muffins they might be done faster so watch them like a toddler in a chinashop. You should be able to put a fork in the bread without it getting too sticky.
Take your bananacreation out of the oven and let it cool off a little before stuffing your pretty face with this yummyness! It goes lovely with penutbutter, just sayin’.