You should go and love yourself

I’ve been struggling with my ability to trust in myself for a long time and lately it’s really been put to the test. I am however a firm believer that everything that challenges us, is also helping us grow.

The relationship we have with ourselves is, after all, the most important one we’ll ever have and while I don’t think a life without love for other people is a life worth living, I do know that in order to have any successful relations with anyone else you must first love yourself. There is simply no way around it. It’s hard but it’s absolutely possible and all you need is practice and some more practice.

In hard times I turn to Pinterest for some inspiration and confidence boosts and I’ve put together a collage of my favorite quotes and mantras. Most of them are simple and can seem so obvious when we read them but we usually need a reminder every once in a while. Try to really soak up the words and let them speak to you.



Hello dear friends,

My life has been an absolutely chaotic and emotional roller coaster lately. The other day I met up with my friend Klara to just have some girl talk and get my mind of everything that was spinning in my head.

We met at Nørrebro and had ice cream at Nicecream and then a drink by the canal. We went to some vintage shops and Klara bought the coolest cigarette holder. She looked like a classy lady from the 20’s and the awkward waiter at the place we had drinks, almost couldn’t handle it. The burlesque vibes were too much for that poor guy.

It turned into a great day and I am so grateful for the cool and inspiring girlfriends I have in my life.

Hej kära vänner,

Mitt liv har varit en helt kaotisk och känslomässig berg-och dalbana senaste tiden. härom dagen mötte jag min vän Klara för att bara ha lite tjejsnack och få tankarna ifrån allt som snurrade i mitt huvud.

Vi mötte upp på Nørrebro och åt glass på Nicecream och sedan tog vi en drink vid kanalen. Vi gick till några vinbutiker och Klara köpte den coolaste cigaretthållaren. Hon såg ut som en classy woman från 20-talet och den awkwarda servitören där vi hade drinkar, hade svårt att hantera det. De burleska vibbarna var för mycket för den stackars killen.

Det blev en bra dag och jag är så tacksam för de coola och inspirerande tjejkompisarna jag har i mitt liv.


Sitting with pain

A few weeks ago, I was listening to an episode of yoga girls podcast where she and her mom talked about pain. They mentioned something that stuck with me, probably because it resonated with me so much. They talked about the ability to sit with pain and the importance of being able to sit with pain.

I’ve been completely unable to sit with pain. The thought of sitting with the pain I feel, feeling those feelings fully and not distract myself with anything feels absolutely impossible to me. I will either try to fix everything right away or I will distract myself so much that the distraction itself becomes destructive. Trying to fix the cause of the pain might sound like a good thing, and at some point it is. I am at the center a positive soul and a fighter. I will never ever give up on what matters to me and that is a beautiful trait that I will never excuse.

However, using “fixing” as a band-aid, instead of feeling what hurts is not healthy. You have to feel it in order to heal. Otherwise, you don’t get the realizations you need in order to actually do everything you can to fix the problem and heal the pain for real.

This is something I’ve learned from my boyfriend, long before I listened to yoga girl talking about it. He has been able to sit with pain and he claimed it to be necessary in order to heal and feel better. That sounded insane to me at first but now I get it. The things I’ve learned from that boy are many. He doesn’t realize it of course and neither do I at first. But when I am forced to just stop and think, it hits me and I can’t help but think how grateful I am for finding someone that not only loves me but challenge my otherwise so monotonous brain.

I’m in the middle of pain as I write this and the reasons are not relevant to this post. I spent all morning trying to “fix everything”, desperately doing anything to ease that pain that scares me so much. Then I realized the only way for me to fix anything is to feel what hurts and learn from it. It is not easy. It is pretty fucking terrifying. But it is absolutely necessary.

All pain that we feel is transforming and healing, even if it doesn’t feel like that when you’re in the middle of it. My constant escape from pain and obsessive need to find the cure to everything has deprived me of the lessons the pain could have taught me.

I always used to have this fantasy of the perfect life and especially the perfect relationship. I felt like if something bad happened or if I went through a struggle it was ruined forever. Like nothing was allowed to crack that perfect facade or it wouldn’t be real. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The cracks are what shapes us, as individuals and as a couple. The cracks are what makes it REAL. As Ernest Hemmingway so nicely put it: “We are all broken. That’s how the light gets in.” A perfect facade with no cracks is not real at all.

What’s important in this, however, is to learn from every crack in the facade of the beautiful house we build together. The cracks teach us about ourselves and each other and you need to see them for what they are in order to fix them. When you learn from the cracks you’re able to fill them in with what’s needed and you have the knowledge you need to prevent the facade from cracking too much. Because we all strive for a smooth facade and we all do what we can to keep it smooth. The lesson is not to stop striving for a strong house but to accept that all houses have flaws and that is what makes it beautiful and unique.

As you read this post you may wonder what kind of mushroom I had for breakfast. Or you might resonate with these thoughts and feelings I expose in this post. Writing it down is helpful to me in this practice of sitting with pain and learning from my mistakes. Note, LEARNING from my mistakes, never punish myself for it. We are all just human and we all want well but the ability to learn from the pain and the mistakes you might have made is crucial for making it better.

Lots of love <3


The perfect switch #1

I’d like to introduce a new post: The perfect switch! Every week or so, I will give you a more natural option to our favorite makeup and skincare products.

First out is Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector that I used to be abolutely addicted to. I have found a more natural and healthier alternative in Estelle & Thild’s Biomineral Lip gloss. They are really similair in both texture and scent. It never feels sticky and have a soft vanilla scent. Buy it HERE.

If you’re a person who don’t really give a damn weather your products are natural or organic or any of those, I would  advice you to at least look for a natural alternative in lip products. Just imagine how much of it you actyally eat.

Please let me know if there are any products you’d like me to find the perfect switch for.

Lots of love!

(Innehåller annonslänkar).

Jag skulle vilja presentera ett nytt inlägg:The perfect switch! Varje vecka kommer jag att ge er ett mer naturligt alternativ till våra smink och hudvårdsfavoriter.

Först ut är Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector som jag brukade vara helt beroende av. Jag har hittat ett mer naturligt och hälsosammare alternativ i Estelle & Thild’s Biomineral Lip Gloss. De är verkligen lika i både konsistens och doft. Det känns aldrig klibbigt och har en mjuk vanilj doft. Köp det HÄR.

Om du är en person som inte riktigtbryr dig om ifall dina produkter är naturliga eller ekologiska eller något utav det, skulle jag ändåråda dig att åtminstone leta efter ett naturligt alternativ i läpp produkter. Tänk dig själv hur mycket av det du faktiskt äter.

Skriv gärna till mig om det finns några produkter ni vill att jag ska hitta “the perfect switch” för.

Massa kärlek!


Cyclic silicones

In my previous post, I mentioned cyclic silicones and that they are bad for our health and the environment. I thought I’d explain it further in a simple and understandable way.

A lot of products contain cyclic silicones. Creams, lotions, makeup, hair products etc.. What cyclic silicones do is that they help creams and lotions to absorb better by the skin. They also have an anti-static effect which is why it’s often used in hair oils, hair spray and hair serums. It does really give a nice cosmetic result but it’s never worth risking our health for beauty. Health and beauty go hand in hand and should never have to compensate each other and compete with one another.

Studies have been made, that shows Cyclic silicones have the ability to be absorbed through our skin or by inhalation and when they get inside our bodies they can harm our organs. Some cyclic silicones are toxic to the liver in large doses, and some can have a negative effect on fertility and for pregnant women, it can harm their baby before it’s born. Cyclic silicones also have a negative impact on the environment.

The original pharmacy in Sweden (Apoteket) decided to get rid of and ban all products containing cyclic silicones from their stores. According to them, cyclic silicones will most likely be forbidden in cosmetic products within a few years and the reason it hasn’t already is that such things are always a long process and doesn’t happen over night. So at the moment, you can shop safely at Apoteket, but anywhere else you’ll have to do your own research and read labels.

Companies are sneaky lill’ bastards so they won’t write “cyclic silicones” on the bottle. Look for these words in the ingredients list: Cyklometikon, Cyklotetrasiloxane, Cyklopentasiloxane and Cyklohexasiloxane. If you find any of these ingredients in your products I’d honestly recommend you to toss it and always read the back of the products before you buy something new. I found these in some of my hair products and at first, I decided to finish the bottle because it was almost new and it felt like a waste to just toss it. But honestly, I didn’t feel good, using it. I just felt disgusted for having it in my hair and even worse when I washed it, knowing very well that it would harm the environment.

So let’s all just take our products containing cyclic silicones and “toss them in the bin” (British accent)…

I would like to add that this applies to cyclic silicones: cyclomethicone, cyclotetrasiloxane, cyclopentasiloxane and cyclohexasiloxane. There are still many other types of silicones that are completely harmless.

Take care of each other dear firends <3

I mitt tidigare inlägg nämnde jag cykliska silikoner och att de är dåliga för vår hälsa och för miljön. Jag tänkte att jag skulle förklara det vidare på ett enkelt och förståeligt sätt.

Många produkter innehåller cykliska silikoner. Krämer, lotioner, smink, hårprodukter etc .. Vad cykliska silikoner gör är att de hjälper krämer och lotioner att absorberas bättre av huden. De har också en antistatisk effekt vilket är anledningen till att det ofta används i håroljor, hårspray och hårserum. Det ger verkligen ett snyggt kosmetiskt resultat men det är aldrig värt att riskera vår hälsa för skönhet. Hälsa och skönhet går hand i hand och borde aldrig behöva kompensera varandra och konkurrera med varandra.

Studier har gjorts, som visar att cykliska silikoner har möjlighet att absorberas genom vår hud eller genom inandning och när de kommer in i våra kroppar kan de skada våra organ. Vissa cykliska silikoner är giftiga för levern i stora doser, och vissa kan ha en negativ effekt på fertiliteten och för gravida kvinnor kan det skada barnet innan det är fött. Cykliska silikoner har också en negativ inverkan på miljön.

Apoteket i Sverige beslutade rensa ut och förbjuda alla produkter som innehåller cykliska silikoner från sina butiker. Enligt dem kommer cykliska silikoner sannolikt att förbjudas i kosmetiska produkter inom några år och anledningen till att det inte redan gjort det är att sådant är en lång process och kan inte förbjudas över en natt. Så för tillfället kan du handla säkert på Apoteket, men överallt annars måste du göra din egen research och läsa etiketter.

Företag är sneaky lill’ bastards, så de skriver inte “cykliska silikoner” på flaskan. Leta efter dessa ord i ingredienslistan: Cyklometikon, cyklotetrasiloxan, cyklopentasiloxan och cyklohexasiloxan. Om du hittar någon av dessa ingredienser i dina produkter rekommenderar jag dig att kasta den och att alltid läsa ingredienslistan av produkterna innan du köper något nytt. Jag hittade dessa silikoner i några av mina hårprodukter och i början bestämde jag mig för att använda upp flaskan eftersom dennästan va helt ny och det kändes som ett slöseri att bara kasta den. Men ärligt talade kändes det inte alls bra. Jag kände mig bara äcklad av att ha den i mitt hår och ännu värre när jag tvättade det, och visste mycket välatt det skulle skada miljön.

Så låt oss ta våra produkter som innehåller cykliska silikoner och bah “toss them in the bin” (brittisk accent) …

Jag vill tillägga att detta gäller cycliska silikoner, alltså Cyklometikon, cyklotetrasiloxan, cyklopentasiloxan och cyklohexasiloxan. Det finns fortfarande många andra sorters silikoner som är helt ofarliga.

Om du vill veta mer kan du kolla på denna videon som Apoteket har gjort:

Ta hand om er kära vänner <3


Beauty on a budget: Maria Åkerberg Aloe Vera gel

(Post contains ad link)

Aloe Vera is such an amazing, versatile product. I use it literally every day. If I got to bring 3 products with me to a stranded island, aloe vera would be one of them.  You can use it for so many things. It helps you skin heal but it also has a smoothing and cosmetic effect. I could write a novel about the benefits of Aloe Vera but let me just tell you what I use it for:

  • I put it on wounds, sunburns and insect bites.
  • I use it as a primer for my face before applying makeup. I would say without exaggeration that it’s the best makeup primer. It smooths out the skin and makes the pores almost invisible. (But make sure to moisturize your skin with a face oil or something before, otherwise, It can get too dry.
  • I use it as a brow gel. It’s the best eyebrow gel on the planet, just dab it on the unruly strands and brush with an old, washed mascara brush and viola!
  • I put it in my hair to control frizz and tame my natural curls. It really enhances the curls and makes the hair bouncy.

There are so many Aloe Vera gels and creams out there and it can be hard to find the best one. The purest option would, of course, be to use pure Aloe Vera straight from the plant but ain’t nobody got room for an Aloe Vera plant on the bathroom shelf. So I’ve been searching and trying and searching and trying some more to find a good alternative. An Aloe Vera gel that is as pure as possible and with a great consistency. I’ve found it and it so happens to fit under the beauty on a budget category (5$), doesn’t get much better than that!

The product I’m using is Maria Åkerbergs Aloe Vera Barbadensis. I was actually recommended this gel from a dermatologist when I went to AHA face treatments. She would put it on my skin after the treatments to calm and cool the burning feeling after the acid. It hurt so bad but she told me that it hurts because it heals. Let’s take that with us as a metaphor for all kinds of pain life throws at us.

Buy it HERE!

(Inlägget innehåller annonslänk)

Aloe Vera är en fantastisk, mångsidig produkt. Jag använder det bokstavligen varje dag. Om jag bara fick ta med mig 3 produkter till en öde ö, skulle Aloe Vera garanterat få följa med. Du kan använda den till så många saker. Det hjälper till att läka huden, men det har också en utslätande och kosmetisk effekt. Jag skulle kunna skriva en roman om fördelarna med Aloe Vera men låt mig bara berätta vad jag använder det för:

  • Jag smörjer den på sår, solbränd hud och insektsbett.
  • Jag använder den som primer framför mitt ansikte innan jag applicerar smink. Jag skulle säga utan överdrift att det är den bästa primeren. Det slätar ut huden och suddar ut proerna. (Men var noga med att smörja in huden med en ansiktsolja eller något innan, annars kan det bli för torrt).
  • Jag använder den som bryngel. Det är den bästa ögonbrynsgelén ever, bara dabba lite på de bångstyriga stråna och borstar med en gammal, tvättad mascaraborste och viola!
  • Jagaplicerar den i mitt hår för att kontrollera frizz och tämja mina naturliga lockar. Det framhäver verkligen lockarna och gör håret bouncy.

Det finns så många Aloe Vera geler och krämer där ute och det kan vara svårt att hitta den bästa. Det renaste alternativet skulle naturligtvis vara att använda ren Aloe Vera direkt från växten, men ain’t nobydy got room för en Aloe Vera-växt på badrumshyllan. Så jag har letat och testat och letat och testat lite mer för att hitta det bästa alternativet. En Aloe Vera gel som är så ren som möjligt och med bra konsistens. Jag har hittat den och den platsar till och med i  “Beauty on a budget”-kategorin (49 SEK), mycket bättre än så blir det inte!

Den produkt jag använder är Maria Åkerbergs Aloe Vera Barbadensis. Jag blev faktiskt rekomenderad denna gel från en hudterapeut när jag gick på  AHA-ansiktsbehandlingar. Hon applicerade den på min hud efter behandlingarna för att lugna och kyla den brännande känslan efter syran. Det sved så mycket men hon sa till mig att det gör ont eftersom det läker. Låt oss ta den metaforen med oss för alla slags smärtor livet ger oss.

Köp den HÄR!


Beauty on a budget: Yves Rocher Long lasting moisturizing hand cream

(Post contains ad link)

Let’s all just take a moment and applaud this amazing product. It’s so damn good. It smooths out the skin and your hands would easily get mistaken for a baby’s butt. They feel moisturized right away but it also absorbs fast so you never feel sticky. It’s literally all you want in a hand cream and like that wasn’t enough, it only costs 3,50 $ (29 SEK)!!!

I think Yves Rocher, in general, is underestimated. My grandma has always ordered products from them and when I’m visiting her I like to go on beauty safari in her huge bathroom cabinet. I’ve been amazed many times and this hand cream was my latest discovery. LOVE.

Get it HERE my friends!



Hello dear friends!

Yesterday we celebrated my brothers 17th birthday with the family. It was really cozy and I’m still suffering from the food coma…

My patient brother took a billion pictures of me because I was very satisfied with my outfit and wanted to show you here on the blog. I hope you’re all having a cozy Sunday!

Insanely professional modeling skills… also really talented photographer as you can see in the shadow…
Dress from Mango (old) // Shoes from Superga // Earrings (made myself from two tassels a lady gave me at work. She bought a bag with these tassels but she took them off and said I could have them, how sweet?!)

He might hate me for posting these but seriously, someone give this guy a modeling contract…


Makeup review: Estelle & Thild

Hello dear friends!

Some of you may be familiar with a brand called Estelle & Thild. If you’re from Sweden you’ve most likely heard about it. It’s a Swedish organic and natural skincare brand that recently launched their makeup line. I was beyond excited to try these products. I  love the packaging, so simple and elegant. The ingredients are 100 % natural and every product contains very few ingredients which I love.

Here are the products I got. The finishing powder, powder powder brush and lip golss. How pretty?!


Biomineral silky finishing powder- 122 Light yellow: As the name states this is actually a finishing powder, but it has a bit of coverage so I’m using it as a powder foundation. This shade is perfect for my skin tone, I’m quite pale and my skin has a warm/neutral tone. It only comes in 4 shades and they’re all on the fair side. It’s generally typical for scandinavian brands to only offer pale shades… Quite discriminating if you asks me. I know it’s a matter of money and darker shades wouldn’t sell as much here in scandinavia but in my opinion you either do all shades or just don’t bother doing any.

Before getting too political, I actually really like this powder and if you’re a privileged white person you probably will too. It evens out my skin tone and it looks very natural, not too mat, but just perfect. I used the powder brush from the same line but if you want more coverage you can use a makeup sponge. I personally prefer to use a concealer to cover what needs to be covered and then just even out with this powder. Another plus is that I noticed it looked even better after 30 minutes or so, when it had really blended with the skin’s natural oils.

Powder brush: Its very soft and fluffy, just as you want a powder brush to be. It has a wooden handle in the cutest baby pink color (same color as the powder) and it’s made from 100% vegan synthetic fibers. I noticed that some strands came off when I was using it. I’m not sure if thats just a one time thing because it’s new. Apart form that I really love it.

Biomineral lip gloss – Garden party: I’ve been searching for a natural, organic lipgloss to replace my Clarins instant light natural lip perfector. This one does the job. It’s a lovely mauve color in the container but on the lips its very sheer and natural. It gives a “my lips but better” look. It’s shiny but not sparkly and it feels very soft and moisturizing om my lips without being too sticky. It has a natural vanilla scent just like the Clarins instant light natural lip perfector. Absolutely LOVE this gloss!

Excuse the creasing on my eyelids… Here I’m using the Estelle & Thild products plus a concealer from Vapour beauty in the lightest shade and a blush from Palina.