Weekend in Sweden

This weekend me and my love went to visit my hometown, Helsingborg in Sweden. We took the train to Helsingør and then the ferry to Helsingborg. It’s pretty crazy and wonderful how you can go from one country to another so fast without taking a plane.
We borrowed my moms apartment for the weekend because she was staying over at her boyfriends house. We got there pretty late on Friday so we just relaxed and fell asleep. It had been a long and stressful day, especially for my love who had graduated in the afternoon. I’m so proud of him and he is now officially a multimedia designer.
On Saturday we took the car to Landskrona, where I used to live before moving to Copenhagen. I had scheduled an eye exam because I’ve felt really tired in my eyes lately. It turned out I had a small visual defect and needed glasses. It felt pretty weird trying on glasses, I’ve never imagined myself wearing glasses but I found a really nice pair and they’re gonna look fabulous. Since I just have a small visual defect I won’t have to wear them all the time, mostly when I have to focus my eyes like if I’m sitting by the computer or knitting (I’m 150 years old i know…).
After my eye exam, we went to visit my grandma, Bogdan hadn’t met her yet, after almost a year together! So I thought it was about time. After that we took the car out on the countryside to visit my dad, whom Bogdan also never met before. It was a little nervous, mostly for Bogdan I guess but it went really well and everyone seemed to like each other. My dads girlfriend made us her amazing waffles and we played with my little baby brother Malte while he listened nonstop to Babblarna.
Saturday was so insanely foggy an I was terrified of having to drive around all day. Since moving away from Sweden my driving-skills have gotten a little rusty. (The other day I even forgot to turn out the side mirrors and drove trough the whole city with no side mirrors and I didn’t even realized it until we parked)…  When we drove home from my dads house it had gotten dark and on top of that it was still really foggy, It felt so claustrophobic and I had to stop the car 2 times and cry because I was scared of being responsible of getting us both home safe. Sigh… Sometimes I get so tired of myself, seriously who got energy to be so sensitive? Me apparently.
We got home safe and then my mom came over with he boyfriend Anders and we all had dinner together and played board games.
On Sunday I took Bogdan on a little tour around Helsingborg, we went to Pålsjö forest and Pålsjö castle and just walked around and took pictures of the beautiful sights. Then we went to Sofiero castle and walked around in the garden. After I had promised my love we would go to a mall to get “gräddbullar”. There used to be a place called Gräddbullerian which made really nice ones in tons of different flavors but they had aperantly closed 🙁
In the evening we went to a really cool tapas restaurant called Pinchos. It’s decorated in a circus theme and you order everything trough an app on your phone. You can even pay for the dinner trough your phone. I wish more restaurants would try this concept, It’s just so simple and it feels really 2017.
On Monday morning we went back to Copenhagen, It was a very windy but very cozy ferry ride. I’m usually not a fan of ferrys, I feel the slightest little move from the boat and I hate feeling unstable and out of control (what a hakuna matata life I do lead, huh?). The ferry between Helsingør and Helsingborg however, Is really nice because its only 20 minutes and I feel close to land the whole ride.
Monday wasn’t just any day. It was exactly one year ago since me and Bogdan became a couple. As the hopeless romantic that I am I put a lot of pressure on days like that and it obviously bounds for disaster.
Tired from our trip we ended up having a huge fight as soon as we got home. There is something about important days that always makes people argue. I’ve heard most people have a huge argument when they get engaged or when they just got married. We put so much pressure on ourselves those days to be so happy and everything should be so sparkly perfect that we end up loosing it. We did make up again and we ended up having a really cozy evening. We cooked dinner together and wathced the Office until we fell asleep.
I hope you enjoyed reading about my weekend. I haven’t written so much before about my days and what I’m doing and it felt a little strange but I hope It’s interesting to read and not too rambling. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think!


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  1. Belinda!!! ‘The other day I even forgot to turn out the side mirrors and drove trough the whole city with no side mirrors and I didn’t even realized it until we parked)…’
    How can this happen???…and with my car!!!/ mom


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