one step closer

Hello  friends!
I’ve had a really crazy weekend and I wasn’t feeling well at all. I made a post on Thursday that I was suppose to post but never did because life decided to give me a big fat slap in the face and generally just giving me a really hard time.
Im not gonna get into detail about my weekend but I’m gonna give you the post I was suposed to post on Thursday, so here it is:
This morning I had an interview for an internship here in Copenhagen. Guess what?   I got it! I’ll be interning as a graphic designer for 2 months at what appears to be a pretty cool company. It’s right in the center of the city, in a gorgeous office that looks kind of like the apartment I imagine myself having when I’m rich and famous.
I felt immediately inspired as I walked in there and I’m so excited about this! It’s just an internship for now but it’s a great opportunity for me to develop my skills and build a portfolio that’s gonna help me in the future.
I feel one step closer towards my dream. I honestly have to say this is the first job I’ve ever had that is actually something I want to do haha…



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