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Hello guys!
Spring is getting closer and it’s making me long for some change. I am happy to announce that me and Bogdan have decided to move out of our little room and into an actual apartment asap. I will start working for my dads company in Sweden soon. I used to work there before but quit last summer when I got a job in a bridal store in Malmö. I don’t regret it because I’ve learned a lot and got some experience since then but I’m also happy to be back there. I’ll be working part time and that gives me time to work on my own stuff as well. I really want to start my own company. I will give you more details about it later, but at this point I’m still in the brainstorming process and the idea have changed many times over the last months. All I know is that it will involve fashion and it will be EPIC. So stay tuned for that.
My home has always been very important to me. For some it might sound shallow but it’s actually the opposite. My home is my sanctuary, my safe space where I can relax and recharge my batteries. I love interior and making my home look pretty and homy. It’s like therapy for me. When I don’t feel satisfied with my home-situation I become out of balance and as the libra that I am, I don’t deal well with my everyday life when I’m out of balance.
These past months I’ve been living with Bogdan in a very small room. We literally do the dishes in the bathroom sink because we have no kitchen. Its been cozy and romantic and all but let’s face it, there is only that much “we are so in love, we only need each other, we could sleep in a tent and be happy” a person can take. Especially for the anxious, slightly spoiled princess that I am. Don’t get me wrong, I’d choose our love over a comfy home any day of the week but if I can have both don’t freakin’ mind if I do.
Between searching for apartments and contacting landlords I’ve drifted away onto interior websites and of course my dear old friend Pinterest. Even though I don’t know how our new home will look like I still find it ridiculously satisfying to plan the interior into the tiniest detali.
For all you interior freaks who read this without rolling your eyes, this collage is for you. Enjoy!
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  1. Great interior ideas, I get so inspired! Love the style and colors.


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