Saturday brunchin’

Hello dear friends!
Today’s been a really chill and cozy day. I spent the whole day with my love. We slept in (he slept in, my inner clock woke me up at 7…) After a calm morning we went into the city to have brunch. We went to Nyhavn to sit at one of the restaurants outside. So did the rest of Copenhagen on the first warm, sunny Saturday in 6 months the weekend after payday. Who knew?..
We couldn’t find a table anywhere so we ended up on a parallel street that was way calmer, right next to the Swedish embassy. We had the tastiest brunch ever at a café which name I don’t remember (luckily this is not a travelguide because that would be a disaster).
Right now I’m home alone, while my boyfriend is visiting his brother. Tomorrow I’m starting work at 5:30(!) Did I tell you I got a new job? I’m working at Copenhagen airport in a store called Beck Søndergaard. I’m really enjoying it so far.  There is such a positiv energy at the airport. You can almost smell adventure and excitement in the air. People are so happy and nice from being on their way to or from foreign places.
Here are some pictures from my day with Bogdan. There was seriously no decent picture of me so I’m just gonna give you some food and buildings, hope you enjoy!