Happy ugly easter!

Easter is finally here and it’s time to decorate our homes in pretty pastel colours and boil a billion eggs. I remember easter when I was growing up. My mom would bring out the ugly little chickens with one eye and three legs and glue all over that me and my brother made for her in kindergarten. The ugly easter decorations collection would just add more items year after year until we were old enough to realise we had no talent and tell her she didn’t have to display the things we made her when we were kids. What a relief that must have been for her. Putting your interior dreams aside for years to make your proud little kids happy, that´s love my friends.
When I have kids and they bring me ugly little glue-chickens, I feel like I’ll be the kind of mom that says “ohh that’s so pretty honey, I’m gonna put it here inside the cabinet so it doesn’t break”… Just kidding, I’ll love and display every ugly little thing my kids make for me. But since kids are still far away in my plans I’ll enjoy this time to decorate my home just the way I want to.
Ugly chickens aside, easter is one of my favourite holidays. It’s colourful and happy and usually spring is coming to visit. I’ve put together a collage with inspiration for both your home but also some creative ideas for an easter dinner.  Hope you enjoy!



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