Time to go shopping, we have a reason. Darlings I’ts bikini season!

Hello dear friends!

I’ve worked two morning shifts in a row this week and I am so exhausted. I have to be up at 3 in the morning when I have the morning shift. I know I’m overly sensitive but being tired really messes with my brain. I feel like a mad person. I can’t think straight and my anxiousness is trying to take over.  It’s like being jet-laged. I really can’t handle jet-lag. I remember when I came home from Hawaii after like 40 hours of travelling without sleep. I had to try to stay awake to not mess up the sleep rhythm but I was too tired and I got panicky because I honestly, for real thought I might die from lack of sleep… Sigh, I can laugh about it now but give me some sleep deprivation and I’ll go just as insane. Good thing I didn’t live in the 1800’s, I would have been put in a mental institution.

Today I am free from work and I really need to recharge my batteries. It’s so warm and sunny today. Summer just came to Copenhagen for real. I’m tanning in the window and eating banana pancakes while writing this. First real tanning-approved weather of the year got me thinking it’s time to get a (a.k.a some) new bikini(s). I have always had an insane bikini addiction. I buy several bikinis every summer and I can go insane thinking of all the different styles I want and how I will have to basically live on the beach if I wanna wear them all.

I’ve never spent much money on a bikini though and no matter how cool I think the Triangl bikinis are I just can’t bring myself to spend 90 dollars on a bikini. In my opinion quantity actually comes before quality when it comes to swimwear. I might also just be too poor for the opposite…

The warm weather got me craving to go surfing (the web that is).. Kidding, that was cheesy. Also hilarious.

Anyway. Ive told you about a site called zaful.com before. They have a lot of affordable fashion, including bikinis. I’ve put like 10 different bikinis and bathing suits in my basket already… Will need to nail it down a bit considering I’m so insanely broke.

In June, Zaful are celebrating their 3 year anniversary which means more discounts for all shopping-addicts like myself. They will have free shipping on all Zaful products during the anniversary. I advice you to check out the “What is worth to buy” zone. A place full of buyer reviews that suggest products that are worth buying. This is heavens for online- shopping when you want some insider information on wether a product is true to the image or not.

Below you can see some of my current summer swimwear-favourites from zaful.com and you’ll find the links to the product under the collage.

1. Red bikini set // 2. Yellow bikini set // 3. Pink bikini set // 4. Yellow bathing suit // 5. White/blue bikini set 6. // Pink/green bikini set // 7. Red bikini set // 8. White/green bathing suit

(In collaboration with zaful.com)

I hope you enjoyed this post. I would just like to tell you that even when I write sponsored posts like this one I always give my honest opinion and I only do collaborations with companies that I actually like. This blog is my diary, my creative space and hopefully, someday my income. I do what it takes to make it as successful as possible without loosing my personal touch. I know sponsored posts can be provoking for some readers because it seems dishonest. I can only speak for myself but in my case it’s not. I am as honest as a polygraph machine. Besides, a girl’s gotta eat, am I right?…