Hello dear friends!

Sorry for the slow update. I feel so guilty for not writing in such a long time but I’ve just felt so uninspired and I’ve had a lot of stuff on my mind.

Last weekend I went to Sweden with Bogdan. We stayed in my moms apartment in Helsingborg and on Saturday we took the car and went on a roadtrip along the coast. We went to Höganäs to shop at Lager 157, a sort of outlet store with really cheap yet nice clothes. We stopped along the way in Domsten and Viken. The sights were beautiful and I couldn’t help thinking about how badly I wanna live by the sea. It’s been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. The sea makes me so calm and happy and I just need to live right by the sea someday. Yes, I NEED it.

Oh and another thing… I’ve been thinking about starting a youtube chanel for some time now but I just haven’t been able to get my thumb out of my ass and do it. Also, I’m not 100% sure of what to do or talk about… It’s something I really wanna do but I think I would feel insanely awkward. But “who remembers a coward” like Ernst Kirchsteiger says.

Here are some pictures from our roadtrip!

I’m posting these pictures with the risk of my mom seeing that I borrowed her shirt after swearing I wouldn’t touch her clothes… Meh, It’s worth it… I think.