My name is Lisa Belinda Nilsson and I´m a 22 year old girl from  Sweden, living in Copenhagen with my boyfriend.

I wish to inspire people  with beautiful posts about fashion, interior, travel, food and everything that makes life better. But my vision is to also write openly and honestly about my thoughts and struggles in life. I think there are enough fashion and lifestyle blogs out there and I want this blog to be something beyond just pretty.



Astrology-nerd: I´ll literally believe anything the stars tell me. And if you think I’m crazy you´re probably a skeptical Capricorn or maybe even a Leo or Taurus.

Coffelover: Also really anxious and restless, which makes this a really destructive love affair.

Control-freak: I have a really sick need to be in control of everything all the time. And whenever I feel like I’m not I usually end up having a panic attack.

HSP: Stands for highly sensitive person (this is an real thing I swear). I´m not actually diagnosed with this but I’m 100% sure I have it. I cry all the time, like ALL the time.

Hypochondriac: Give me a little bug-bite and five minutes with Google and I will convince myself I’m absolutely dying.

Pinterest-addict: Not sure if I should be proud of my dedication to Pinterest or if its just really sad.