Makeup review: Estelle & Thild

Hello dear friends!

Some of you may be familiar with a brand called Estelle & Thild. If you’re from Sweden you’ve most likely heard about it. It’s a Swedish organic and natural skincare brand that recently launched their makeup line. I was beyond excited to try these products. I  love the packaging, so simple and elegant. The ingredients are 100 % natural and every product contains very few ingredients which I love.

Here are the products I got. The finishing powder, powder powder brush and lip golss. How pretty?!


Biomineral silky finishing powder- 122 Light yellow: As the name states this is actually a finishing powder, but it has a bit of coverage so I’m using it as a powder foundation. This shade is perfect for my skin tone, I’m quite pale and my skin has a warm/neutral tone. It only comes in 4 shades and they’re all on the fair side. It’s generally typical for scandinavian brands to only offer pale shades… Quite discriminating if you asks me. I know it’s a matter of money and darker shades wouldn’t sell as much here in scandinavia but in my opinion you either do all shades or just don’t bother doing any.

Before getting too political, I actually really like this powder and if you’re a privileged white person you probably will too. It evens out my skin tone and it looks very natural, not too mat, but just perfect. I used the powder brush from the same line but if you want more coverage you can use a makeup sponge. I personally prefer to use a concealer to cover what needs to be covered and then just even out with this powder. Another plus is that I noticed it looked even better after 30 minutes or so, when it had really blended with the skin’s natural oils.

Powder brush: Its very soft and fluffy, just as you want a powder brush to be. It has a wooden handle in the cutest baby pink color (same color as the powder) and it’s made from 100% vegan synthetic fibers. I noticed that some strands came off when I was using it. I’m not sure if thats just a one time thing because it’s new. Apart form that I really love it.

Biomineral lip gloss – Garden party: I’ve been searching for a natural, organic lipgloss to replace my Clarins instant light natural lip perfector. This one does the job. It’s a lovely mauve color in the container but on the lips its very sheer and natural. It gives a “my lips but better” look. It’s shiny but not sparkly and it feels very soft and moisturizing om my lips without being too sticky. It has a natural vanilla scent just like the Clarins instant light natural lip perfector. Absolutely LOVE this gloss!

Excuse the creasing on my eyelids… Here I’m using the Estelle & Thild products plus a concealer from Vapour beauty in the lightest shade and a blush from Palina.