It’s bananas!

Hello dear friends!
Today has been a great day. Im feeling stronger and happier after writing yesterdays post. I woke up with an ugre to bake something. For me this is a sign I’m feeling better. When I’m low I have no energy or urge to bake or cook. So the fact I’m feeling like baking is pretty darn wonderful.
My sweet friend Klara told me she had baked banana bread last time we met. Ever since that I’ve been craving it like crazy. I’ve tried it before but never baked it myself so that’s what I decieded to do.
This bread was really simple to make and the good thing is you can vary it a lot with different ingredients and make it more or less healthy, gluten free, with or without sugar etc…
This is my first recepie post but I’ve tried to make it as simple as possible to follow. If I can make this, you can too my friends.
4 eggs
3 ripe bananas (It’s important they’re ripe)
5 dl (2 cups) flour– I used oatflour that I made myself by mixing oats into a flour (ambitious I know). You can also use weatflour or whatever the heck you want.
2 tablespoons coconut oil (Or butter if you’re in that mood).
1,5 dl (aproximately half a cup) of milk -You can use any type of milk, I used oatmilk.
1 tablespoon sweetner of your choice -I used agave syrup but you can use sugar, honey, maple syrup etc. My bread was not supersweet, if you prefer it sweeter, use more sweetner (duh..)
3 tablespoons pshyllum husk– Fun fact: this is called Loppefrøskaler in Danish, what a stupid language…
3 tablespoons chia seeds
1 teaspoon baking powder or baking soda (I’ve never understood the difference to be honest)
A pinch of salt (bae)
Ps. You can add nuts, dried fruits, spices etc. to make your bread extra tasty. I threw some cinnamon, cardamon and almonds in the mix.
Start by turning the oven to 175 degrees celsius (35o degrees F) -I know you would have forgoten this if I didnt tell you before the recepie. You’re welcome.
Mash the bananas and mix them with the eggs in a bowl.

Melt the coconut oil and add the sweetner of your choice to the melted oil and blend it. Pour the mix into the mashed bananas and eggs and stir it around.

Mix all the dry ingredients in a different bowl, flour, pshyllum husk, chia seeds, baking powder and salt. Make sure it’s well blended so you don’t get lumps of baking powder in your bread.

Pour the dry mix and milk into the bananamix and blend it together.

Add spices, nust fruit if you want to and pour the mixture in a baking pan. You can also pour it in muffinshapes if you prefer.
Put it in the middle of the oven and let it bake for aproximately 25 minutes -I forgot to keep track of the time to be honest but another recepie said 25 minutes. If you’re making muffins they might be done faster so watch them like a toddler in a chinashop. You should be able to put a fork in the bread without it getting too sticky.
Take your bananacreation out of the oven and let it cool off a little before stuffing your pretty face with this yummyness! It goes lovely with penutbutter, just sayin’.



When I started this blog I was determimated to make it an honest, unfiltered space where I could write honestly about whatever I wanted. That was easier said than done. I did’nt realize how hard it is to put yourself out there. My main idea with the blog was to mix impronant subects that are close to my heart, with inspiering posts about fashion, interior etc. I realize it’s been mostly the later.
I had a huge argument with my boyfriend today and when he questioned why I had’nt posted on my blog in forever and said he worked harder on coding it than I do writing it, I got furious. Who was he to tell me what to do? I said “my life sucks and no one want’s to read about it” (did I mentioned I’m having a bad day?). After I calmed down I realized he was right, it just hurts to hear the truth sometimes. I was so eager to get my blog “ready” so I could start and he spent hours and hours making it look the way I wanted. Then it was time to start bloging and suddenly it was all in my hands. I love bloging when I’m having a good day. Then I feel inspired and motivated to share all that happiness with my readers. But on days when I’m not feeling so well, I just don’t post. This is my misstake. I’ve been doing the oposite of what I intended to with this blog. I want to write about even my worst days. Maybe If I had found a blog like that when I was 14 and anxsious I would’nt have felt so lonely.
I wanna tell you a little story about myself. I was always the ambitious, determinated girl who knew exactly what she wanted to do. In 7th grade I decided I wanted to be a fashion designer and from there that was my only goal. I got into a textile and design-oriented gymnasium. I was working my ass off to be best in my class, I was the teachers favorite and I honestly think everyone expected me to go far in life, I certainly expected myself to go far in life. I remember how my classmates would freak out because they were’nt sure of what to do after we graduated. I would feel sorry for them and thinking I was so lucky for knowing what I wanted. After school I got accepted to the fashion design programe at Istituto Marangoni in Paris. A prestegious school within the fashion industry. I was proud of myself and I kept on working my ass off the first semester.
Ever since I was 13 or 14 years old I’ve been struggeling with anxiety and panic attacks. It’s been up and down ever since and I’ve been to therapy a few times.
So when I was in Paris, my angsiety hit me again. I had been fine for probably 2 years before this, with barely any panic attacks at all. But I think the stress got to me. I started getting panic attacks in class, wich resulted in me skipping classes because I was afraid. Eventually I dropped out because I did’nt know how to handle it. Looking back I think I should have told my friends, but I was too ashamed. They seemed to be doing fine, why would they understand a weirdo like me?
I would call my mom and my grandmother at night because I was freaking out. I wanted to stay in Paris because going home felt like the biggest failure ever. I blamed all my anxiety on my school, because it had been so stressful. That might have been the trigger but it was so much more than that. I enrolled in a french language course. I think I went there 4 times but I had panic attacks every damn time and I ended up just isolating myself in my apartement. At one point it became almost unbarable beeing around people, even going 20 meters down the street to the supermarket was too much for me.
In the end of June, I got rid of my beautiful apartement and moved back home to Sweden. It was such a relief. I felt better that summer and my anxiety calmed down, although I can’t say it really went away completely since then. Even if I was feeling better I was struggeling with the fact that I had quit school and left Paris. I felt like such a failure. What were people thinking about me? But most importantly what was I gonna do now?
After this a lot of stuff have happened, I could write about it all but I don’t think anyone would have the patience to read. To sum it up: I got a job at my dads company, I moved out of my moms house and bought an apartement in Malmö. I met my boyfriend in Copenhagen and started going there to see him every other weekend. I still had anxiety on and off this whole time. I quit my job and got a new one in a bridal store. I sold my apartement, I moved in with my boyfriend in Copenhagen, I got fired from my job at the bridal store and from there I have struggled a lot.
Despite all this beeing really hard at times, I would’nt want to change it if I could. These struggles made me who I am. I am working every day on beeing brave and not letting my angsiety stop me. I have a family who always supports me, the sweetest friends and the most amazing boyfriend in the world. I know I have a lot to be thankful for. My problem is I tend to focus on the negative and I just see all the things I don’t have instead of the things I do have.
I feel like l’ve been on this mission towards happiness, to find my way out of anxiety. The problem is I gave it too much attention, to much focus. Instead of just living my life I’ve been in a constant battle with my mind. My new mission is to stop treating life as a mission. Just live and let anxsiety come and go and not give it more focus. What deserves my focus are my friends, family and above all my boyfriend who have had to put up with so much and still keeps believing in me and pushing me and suporting me.
I’m not sure what my purpose with this transparent post was. I guess I just needed to break the ice. There might be someone reading this who have had similar struggles and if my post can help even one person feel less lonely, I think it’s worth putting myself out there.

FriSunday Favorites

Hello guys!
Last week I decided to make a Friday Favorites post every Friday. Easier said that done apparently. I am sorry for the delay but this week you get a Sunday Favorites instead. I have been so busy these past two days!  Me and my boyfriend put our relationship to the test and decided to assemble IKEA furniture together. After some arguing ,sweat, tears and blisters later, we manage to put it all together without killing each other. If a relationship can survive this it means you’re pretty damn unstoppable.
It was definitely worth the effort because our room looks so cozy now! We both have a work space of our own and most important of all, we have drawers to fit all our (okay, my) clothes. I will take some nice pictures tomorrow when it’s light and show you guys :*
So for now please enjoy my Fri…ehm, Sunday Favorites!
  1. Mindfulness coloring books
First up is, as the title states  are mindfulness coloring books. I think most people have heard of or seen these by now. It’s basically a coloring book for adults. Why? Simply because it’s pretty darn relaxing to color inside lines and It’s one of the best stress reliefs I’ve ever tried. I think it’s truly a glorious concept. I remember I used to love coloring books when I was a kid and how I would completely shut out my surrounding when I was focusing on coloring inside the lines.
So the main purpose of these books are to make you relax and meditate in a way. And it truly works. There is literally no possibility to focus on anything else once you get into your painting. There could be a tsunami outside my room and I wouldn’t notice. On top of being relaxing it makes you use your creativity which is also a great stress relief.
So why not just buy a children’s coloring book then, one may wonder. Of course you can, I actually did that a few years ago before the mindfulness coloring books were a “thing”. When I was at Disneyland, I bought one with Disney princesses and I have to admit I was slightly ashamed of it haha.
The difference between ordinary coloring books for kids and the mindfulness ones are that the later usually have more advanced patterns and requires a steady hand and way more focus than most kids possess. There are so many different types to chose from, a lot of them just have random patterns but those are a little too hippy for my taste, I personally prefer the ones that actually resemble something.
My favorite one is called “Förtrollade skogen” (Enchanted forest) by Johanna Basford. It´s actually a small book of postcards, which makes it even cuter because you can send them to someone you like, how nice?!

2. Yoga with Adriene (YouTube)
I have been doing yoga at home for a few years. I strive to do at least a short practice every day, and I find both my mental and physical health improves when i do It regularly. However, I’m only human and tend to skip it now and then and sometimes even for weeks.
When I first started with yoga my main purpose was to get in shape. Over the years that’s changed and now the most important purpose of my yoga practice is my mental health. I have noticed what a huge difference it makes to my well-being.
I used to go to public yoga classes but honestly, I find it way more satisfying to do it at home, watching tutorials at YouTube. I can just open my laptop, put my mat on the floor and get started.
My absolute favorite YouTube channel for yoga is Yoga with Adriene. Since I found this channel I haven’t tried anything else. Its just simply the best. Adriene is so funny and charming and she has videos that fits all yogi-levels.

That’s all for this weeks favorites. I haven´t had a chance to try so many new things this week. I got a sweet little visit from my old friends Stress and Anxiety. So that’s why this weeks favorites are a little mindfulness-inspired. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there that can benefit from these relaxation methods, weather you’re super anxious like me or just generally stressed out by life.
Lots of love <3