Hello dear friends,

My life has been an absolutely chaotic and emotional roller coaster lately. The other day I met up with my friend Klara to just have some girl talk and get my mind of everything that was spinning in my head.

We met at Nørrebro and had ice cream at Nicecream and then a drink by the canal. We went to some vintage shops and Klara bought the coolest cigarette holder. She looked like a classy lady from the 20’s and the awkward waiter at the place we had drinks, almost couldn’t handle it. The burlesque vibes were too much for that poor guy.

It turned into a great day and I am so grateful for the cool and inspiring girlfriends I have in my life.

Hej kära vänner,

Mitt liv har varit en helt kaotisk och känslomässig berg-och dalbana senaste tiden. härom dagen mötte jag min vän Klara för att bara ha lite tjejsnack och få tankarna ifrån allt som snurrade i mitt huvud.

Vi mötte upp på Nørrebro och åt glass på Nicecream och sedan tog vi en drink vid kanalen. Vi gick till några vinbutiker och Klara köpte den coolaste cigaretthållaren. Hon såg ut som en classy woman från 20-talet och den awkwarda servitören där vi hade drinkar, hade svårt att hantera det. De burleska vibbarna var för mycket för den stackars killen.

Det blev en bra dag och jag är så tacksam för de coola och inspirerande tjejkompisarna jag har i mitt liv.


Fairytale morning

Hello dear friends!

Today my family is coming to visit me here in Copenhagen! I have a whole list of places to show them. The weather is so nice and sunny today and I’m really excited to show them around. I’ll try to take some pictures and put together something for you on the bog as well. Until then you can enjoy these lovely pictures I took earlier this week when I went for a walk at like 5 in the morning…


same, same but different

There is nothing like an empty bank account to make you absolutely loose your mind. I’ve had to be extra carful with my money lately and haven’t been able to do much shopping. I honestly think lack of money is bad for the mental health. When I say lack of money I mean in a very first world problem kind of way. Where being poor means you still got food on the table and a roof over your head but your diet consists of cup noodles and you’re sitting in your bed filling online shopping carts with all the clothes you wish you could buy, just to close the tabs an hour later and get back to reality.
My point is, when you’re trying to get through the cold dark months of winter you need every ounce of happiness you can get and yes, that sometimes comes in a shoppingbag. Retail-theraphy is REAL folks. Shopping makes you happy, end of story.
Something I’ve really been craving lately are flower embroidered  jeans. Paired with a basic white T-shirt and leather belt- So freakin’ pretty! The #1 wanies are from Gucci and obviously too expensive for most people, including myself. But I was able to find some similar models (and waaaaaay cheaper) from other brands.
If you’re crafty you could even buy embroidered flower patches and sew on an old pair of jeans. If that thought make you go “aint nobody got time fot that”, you can just have a look at these budget versions I’ve found of the gorgeous Gucci-jeans we all crave. (Click on the pictures to get to the link).









Hello friends!
I met with my friend Ekua earlier this week. We walked around in Copenhagen and had brunch at a really cozy café called Paludan. Definitely worth a visit if you´re in Copenhagen. It´s decorated as a library which is really cozy and they serve a magic cappuccino.
I had borrowed my boyfriends camera to take some nice pictures. I don’t know much about cameras and he hadn’t had time to show me how it works yet so he told me to put it on auto, thinking I could manage at least that on my own. Little did he know he was talking to the most untechnical human who ever walked this earth. I thought I had put the camera on auto but it turned out it was night-mode. I didn’t realise it either so all the pictures look like shit. But I did my best with editing them and I hope they look ok. I promise I will learn how to use a camera so I can take proper pictures.
I must at least give myself some credit for not looking like I’m absolutely about to freeze to death in every picture. It was so cold this day and it even started snowing. I had to buy a sweater so I wouldn’t die (lame excuse for shopping I know).
Well, “vill man va fin får man lida pin”, Swedish saying that literally means if you want to be pretty you have to suffer. They don’t call us vikings for nothing.
Lots of love!




Hello dears!
Today was such a productive day. I FINALLY got my danish CPR (personal number) which means I could get a danish bank account which means I can FINALLY get my salary from ILLUM. Total chain-effect of awesomeness.
Now I’m working on getting all my billions of papers in order and into my “Important stuff folder” before I loose something. And tonight me and Bogdan will head over to his brothers new apartment to help assemble IKEA furniture. If you’ve read my blog before you know me and Bogdan are close to experts on that front.
I came back to Copenhagen yesterday after spending almost a week in Sweden. I went there mainly to see my amazing friend Johanna who was home in Sweden for a visit. She lives abroad most time of the year as she works as a travel agent so I don’t get to see her very often. I’m so happy we got to spend some time together before she left <3
I also got my new glasses! It feels so weird when I wear them. It’s okay when I’m looking closely on something but if I wear them when I walk it feels like I’m floating above the ground or like I’m super tall… pretty nice feeling for a shorty like me to be honest.
Another reason for my Sweden visit was that I was gonna remove a birthmark on my back. I had it checked last time I was in Sweden and the doctor said it was a harmless mole but I still decided to remove it so I don’t need to worry about it.
And another thing! I got my ears pierced! I was so terrified but I’ve been wanting to get my ears pierced for  while now and I felt really proud of myself. Now I just have to hold my horses and keep the healing earrings as long as possible before switching to something more fabulous.
So I came back to Copenhagen a new person basically, Belinda 2.0. Moleless, pierced and four eyed.
Have a great weekend dear friends and enjoy my selfiebomb!