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Hello dear friends!

I always like to enter a new year with a positive attitude and a mindset that anything really is possible. But to be honest, I’m no green smoothie-drinking superhuman and I actually started the new year with the worst mood and a horrible attitude. I have so many goals and dreams for this new year and I was overwhelmed by everything I wanted to achieve. I have always had my eyes on the stars so to speak, but I tend to have absolutely no patience, which results in frustration over not reaching my goals fast enough. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one on this planet with this problem. I know I can achieve everything I set my mind to and I have faith in myself but I want everything to happen right this second, preferably sooner.

My motto for this year will be to work my ass off with the things I’m passionate about, but have patience and let things take time.

My little new year meltdown aside, I am so very excited about this year we have ahead of us. I’ve decided to be brave this year, to step out of my comfort-zone and challenge myself. I know it will be scary at times but there is no greater feeling than the one that comes after overcoming obstacles and doing things you didn’t dare to do before.

I’ve Pinterested my eyeballs out since this year started (more than usual if that’s even possible) and I feel really motivated to go chase my dreams. I’ve put together an inspiring collage that will surely give you a little motivation, whether you’re feeling happy and ready to take on the new year or you’re fighting the winter-blues one day at a time.


Lisa Belinda


(Pictures from Pinterest)