Hello dear friends!

I met with my friend Ekua earlier this week. We walked around in Copenhagen and had brunch at a really cozy café called Paludan. Definitely worth a visit if you´re in Copenhagen. It´s decorated as a library which is really cozy and they serve a magic cappuccino.

Excuse the bad picture quality. I thought I had put the camera on auto but it turned out it was night-mode. I didn’t realise it either so all the pictures look like shit. I promise I will learn how to use a camera so I can take proper pictures.

I must at least give myself some credit for not looking like I’m absolutely about to freeze to death in every picture. It was so cold this day and it even started snowing. I had to buy a sweater so I wouldn’t die (lame excuse for shopping I know).

Well, “vill man va fin får man lida pin”, Swedish saying that literally means if you want to be pretty you have to suffer. They don’t call us vikings for nothing.

Lots of love!


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