same, same but different

Hello dear friends,

There is nothing like an empty bank account to make you absolutely lose your mind. I’ve had to be extra carful with my money lately and haven’t been able to do much shopping. I honestly think lack of money is bad for the mental health. When I say lack of money I mean in a very first world problem kind of way. Where being poor means you still got food on the table and a roof over your head but your diet consists of cup noodles and you’re sitting in your bed filling online shopping carts with all the clothes you wish you could buy, just to close the tabs an hour later and get back to reality.

My point is, when you’re trying to get through the cold dark months of winter you need every ounce of happiness you can get and yes, that sometimes comes in a shopping bag. Retail-therapy is REAL folks. Shopping makes you happy, end of story.

Something I’ve really been craving lately is flower embroidered jeans. Paired with a basic white T-shirt and leather belt- YUM. The #1 wanties are from Gucci and cost way more than I’d be willing to spend on a pair of jeans. But I was able to find some similar models from other brands.

If you’re crafty you could even buy embroidered flower patches and sew on an old pair of jeans. If that thought makes you go “ain’t nobody got time for that”, you can just have a look at these budget versions I’ve found of the gorgeous Gucci-jeans we all crave. (Click on the pictures to get to the link).