Beauty- Vanity or sanity?

This is a post about my relationship to beauty.  I know beauty is a very broad subject and it can mean a lot of things but what I wanna write about today is the superficial kind of beauty like skincare and makeup. I say superficial but is it really that superficial?

We’ve all been raised with the stereotypes that cosmetics and skincare is something girls do. It’s vain, it’s materialistic. it’s superficial as fuck. I’d like to argue with that though. For me, beauty has never only been about vanity. I have to admit that is a huge part of it but it’s always been so much more than that. Beauty is intricately connected to my mental wellbeing. Giving myself time for this sacred ritual is so therapeutic and the ultimate act of self-love.

In times when I’ve felt really bad and dealing with depression and anxiety, I’ve become obsessed with finding little things that I can do to make me feel even slightly better. For those who never had to deal with mental illness, It can be hard to understand the importance of this. When I’ve been really low, it has felt as though I’m held hostage in my own mind. Like my thoughts and feelings want to hurt me and there is no escape because it is all happening inside my mind. It’s a terrifying sensation actually. I will talk more about this in another post but my point is: When you walk around every day with that bizarre claustrophobic feeling you’d give just about anything for a distraction or escape of some sort. Some reach for the drugs or go out and get wasted but those are really destructive behaviors that are only gonna make you feel worse and harm you in the long run. So what if your distraction could be this pampering ritual of self- love that you created for yourself. Massaging your face with heavenly scented products that for a moment could ease those destructive thoughts and let you focus on what you are doing at this moment. I’d suggest taking it a step further and maybe playing chill music and lighting some candles while doing it.

Most of you are probably fully aware of the phenomenon that is K-beauty A.K.A (Lil QT voice) Korean beauty. It’s basically (or not so basically) a skincare regimen taken to the next level. Instead of having 3 steps in your regimen you have up to 12 or more steps. Does this have any significant impact on your skin health? I really don’t know but for the sake of the mindfulness, it’s amazing. The magic is in the ritual and allowing yourself to pamper and treat yourself. If that comes with glowing skin, I’d say that’s an amazing bonus. Actually, it’s more than a bonus. You, feeling pretty could be just as beneficial as the ritual itself. The way we look has a hugemungous effect on the way we feel and that’s where makeup also comes into the picture. You’ve probably heard people say “if you look good, you feel good” and while it’s not always that simple when you’re battling mental illness, there is some truth to it. Our appearance really does affect our state of mind. Our brain may be a very complicated organ but it’s actually quite stupid sometimes. It remembers and associates different scenarios to certain feelings. For example, the thought of having a day off and spend the whole day at home in your pajamas probably sound like the coziest thing ever. But when that actually happens, you will most likely end up feeling kind of bad and confused at the end of the day. At least I do. My brain associates staying home in my pajamas with being sick and even if I’m healthy as a horse I have the same feeling in my mind as though I’d been sick all day. So If I’m working from home or for some reason, don’t leave the house all day, I still need to put myself together as though I was going to work. Have a shower, put on proper clothes, brush my hair and maybe even applying makeup. Trick your brain, fake it til you make it, etc. etc.

There are millions of things you can do to feel better and to distract yourself with. I focused this post on beauty because it’s a big interest of mine but you can, of course, take this approach with other hobbies as well. As long as it’s not crack I’d say YOU FUCKING GO (GLEN COCO).


Lisa Belinda


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