You were going that way anyway

I sometimes get the feeling of being stuck inside my mind. It’s one of the most unpleasant feelings I’ve ever experienced because it makes me feel like a victim of life. It makes me feel as though everything and everyone is out to hurt me and I must spend all my energy just to stay alive. It’s like a war that happens within me but in that moment I don’t realize that it’s all happening within my mind. It makes me literally scared of life. At the same time, I’m terrified of death. Where does that leave me? Well, it leaves me stuck in a bubble of terror because there is no place that feels safe.

Just to make things clear, I love life. I love to live but when my brain gets stuck in this mode I become scared of life in a way. Not of life itself but of all the dangers and misery that can potentially be a part of one’s life. I always say that I am so grateful for life. I like to think that I’m this humble person who really appreciates life. But am I really though? I want to be, for sure, but by not enjoying life to the fullest and by not trusting in life I’m not really appreciating it. I’m actually wasting it worrying about things that might happen. Ram Dass says: ”Worry and fear are not tickets to the express train. They are extra baggage. You were going the way anyway”.
There are things I can’t affect yet I still spend way too much time worrying about those things. By doing so I’m not living in the moment because I’m living in a state of a fiction future. I’m also not at all appreciating life because when you do, you feel grateful and at peace and by worrying you have no room for those feelings. I also don’t have any trust in life because I am full of fear.

So how do we reverse this feeling of being a victim of life? How do we avoid getting stuck in our minds? Here’s what I’ve learned helps:

  • Appreciate life. I mean genuinely appreciate life. It’s easy to say but in order to really do so, you need to actively tell yourself how much you appreciate life as it is right now, how grateful you are to be alive. To allow yourself to feel blessed for being alive right here, right now. When you do this you will feel a gratefulness and a peacefulness and the more you have of those feelings the less room there will be for worry and fear.


  • Trust in life. Whether you’re religious or spiritual or none of the above you need to feel trust and find comfort in life. Trust that the universe wants the best for you and that things will always work out. With this mindset, it’s almost impossible to have irrational worries. Most importantly, when you trust that you are held and cared for, you won’t let yourself get carried away by fear and worry. They can always arrive but once they do you feel secure enough to not let them overwhelm you.


  • Zoom out. This is something I find helpful when I just need to snap out of that bubble of terror asap. You see, there is something very harmful about limiting our view. This tendency we have of getting soaked up in our own ego and drowning in our thoughts is absolutely devastating. When we allow ourselves to zoom out, look at ourselves and our problems from a distance there comes an instant clarity to our minds. You’ve probably heard people say this before but it deserves to be repeated: Try visualising how you zoom out from yourself, watching yourself from a distance. Then keep zooming out more and more and continue to zoom out until you are out in space, watching earth from above. Up there you will see how small you are and how insignificant your problems are in the big picture. Our ego has a tendency of inflating more and more until its almost too big to carry and by visually zooming out you burst that overinflated ego, sending it straight back to factory reset mode.


  • Turn to NASA. This might sound a bit weird but something that helps me snap right out of a stuck mindset is to watch youtube videos from NASA. Those videos were an astronaut show you’re around on the International space station. Giving you a tour around the station and showing the claustrophobic spaces where they eat, sleep, work and pee. Showing you the window where you can see the earth from space. This helps me so much partly because it lets me to not only visualise earth from space but actually see it in front of me. It makes it easier to realise how small I am. Another way these NASA videos help is they put my fears in such a different perspective. When I get to see and realise that there are humans going up to live on a space station and work there for months at a time with no possibility to get back whenever they want to, I become freaked out of my fucking mind. The thought of doing that is so terrifying and the fact that those people do so voluntarily makes me feel like a tiny little chicken for being afraid of whatever it is that scares me here on earth. If they are able to go to space I should be able to handle anything down here. Hello new perspective.


Maybe I’m the only weirdo here and all of you reading are wondering why I’m not yet in a mental hospital. But if this can help even one single person cope with a difficult mind I am beyond happy. Stay strong and remember that the reality is rarely as bad as your mind sets it out to be so every minute you spend worrying are 60 seconds of peace lost.

In the meantime you can look at this superwoman showing you around the ISS (seriously though… How can she be so chill? Which drugs is she on and where can I get them?)


Lisa Belinda

Ps. The selfieboom at the top seems totally irrelevant to the post but I looked cute and thought it would be a good reminder that you can be real cute and still be mentally unstable. Ok bye.


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