CBD-Oil for anxiety: Update

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about CBD-Oil. I had heard so many people talk about the benefits of it and particularly how it could help those who are struggling with anxiety. You can read my post HERE. I ordered a few products from Hemply Balance and I have been trying out their 7,5% water-soluble CBD-Oil for a month now (Get it HERE). I’ve been itching to write this post but I wanted to really try it out for a few weeks before giving you my opinion. To start with, my expectations weren’t super high because I have tried many natural methods that supposed to help with anxiety, before and nothing have really made any significant difference. I saw this as an interesting experiment and I dove into it with an open mind and inevitably a lot of hope.

I followed the instructions on the bottle and started with 1 single drop morning and evening for a whole week. That might seem like nothing but I had heard about people starting taking CBD-Oil and gotten increased anxiety and after doing my research I found out that is most likely to happen if you are taking too much CBD-Oil or if you’re starting off with a too high dose or increasing it too fast. So I was determined to follow the instructions and start with a very small dose and slowly increase it after one week. Truth is, I actually felt a difference already the first days. I didn’t feel strange in any way but I felt calm and peaceful which to me has been a very rare feeling. I felt more confident in myself and more capable of taking care of myself. I don’t know if this was a placebo effect, if it was due to other factors or if it was because of the CBD- Oil but I truly felt better quite immediately.

After one week I’ve increased the dose with one drop every 4th day or so. I’m sure you could increase the dose faster than I have but I’d rather be safe than sorry and since I felt better already after one drop, I didn’t feel the need to rush it. Now I’m taking 6 drops morning and evening and according to the instructions I can take up to 13 drops morning and evening but I don’t feel the need to increase that much at the moment.
During this whole time, I have felt overall better. My thoughts are clearer and I can think more rational than before. I still feel anxiety for time to time and I have had some days when I’ve actually been feeling really fragile and anxious, not as many as before but there have been some. The difference is I’ve been able to think much more clearly and not let the anxiety completely take over and that is truly an improvement.

Since I’ve been taking it for a month I have also been able to see which effect it has on PMS. For me, PMS has not only meant irritable and moody. It’s also meant significantly increased anxiety. In fact, I think 80% of my worse anxiety is caused by these demon hormones. Normally I start feeling the anxiousness come creeping two weeks before my period and slowly but surely increase day by day until it absolutely peeks the days before period and it feels like I will have to stay in bed and shake with anxiety for the rest of my life because I don’t know how to function as a human being.

With the CBD-Oil though, I handled PMS pretty damn well. I could clearly tell I was PMS: ing because I started getting moody and irritable, however, it started about one week before period instead of two weeks before like it normally does. But most importantly, I didn’t feel any increased anxiety at this point. Not until two or three days before period I started feeling more fragile and I had one day when I felt really anxious but one day is a whole fucking lot better than two weeks. Although I was still experiencing PMS it was much more bearable because I still felt like a functioning human being and could think clearly. I could stand in line at the grocery store and be annoyed out of my fucking mind at seniors who decided they should go grocery shopping on a Friday afternoon with the rest of the country when they could have gone any other day or time when the rest of us are at work. But I could laugh at the irony instead of letting the frustration take over my sanity. And most importantly I didn’t feel so anxious that I had to just leave my stuff and get out of there.

If you’re a highly sensitive person like me, chances are you will most likely always be more prone to anxiety but that doesn’t mean anyone should have to deal with anxiety on a daily basis and definitely not to the degree that it becomes debilitating. I would definitely recommend CBD-Oil for those struggling with anxiety. It’s quite pricey but it’s worth it. I also want to stretch that there is no, and will never be any “one cure fix all” when it comes to mental health issues. It’s a combination of things that you incorporate into your lifestyle. During this time when I have taken the CBD-Oil, I have also gone to therapy once a week, I have eaten healthy, I have exercised and I have tried to meditate every day (I obviously failed to do it every day but I have done it a lot more than before).
However, I know how impossible all those things feel when you are in a bad place mentally and I truly feel that the CBD Oil has helped a lot to make me feel good enough so I could get the strength to do all those things that will make me feel even better. Truth is before I started using the CBD-Oil, I had such a hard time meditating or doing yoga because it made me feel even more anxious. Trying to breathe deeply and feeling the sensations in the body was too scary and overwhelming and could even result in a panic attack. Since using the CBD-Oil my nervous system have felt much more balanced and I’ve been able to meditate and do yoga and actually benefit from it instead of feeling worse from it. It’s like a domino effect. If you’re stuck down there in that dark mental hole, the CBD- Oil is like the rope that can help you climb out of there. Once you get up you can’t rely on CBD-Oil to fix all your problems but it can be one of the contributing factors to your mental wellbeing and it can help you feel strong enough to actually get out and exercise, peaceful enough to sit down and meditate, motivated enough to eat foods that will nurture you instead of the opposite and most importantly help your thoughts stay clear enough so that when anxiety does strike, you can handle it instead of getting overwhelmed.

This is my personal experience and opinions with the CBD-Oil and I can’t say it will work for everyone but if you’re struggling with anxiety I highly advise you to give it a try. Be sure to get a CBD-Oil that is guaranteed 100% free from THC and start with a small dose and slowly increase after a week. You can order safe, high-quality CBD-Products from Hemply Balance (HERE). I recommend the 7,5 % water-soluble oil (HERE) because you can mix it with some juice so it doesn’t taste bad. If you mix it with water it tastes like I’d imagine pine-tree would taste so it’s not horrible but juice conceals the bitter taste completely.

Are you using CBD-Oil? Or are you curious to try it? Tell me about your experience in the comments!

Lots of love,

Lisa Belinda

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