My weekend

This weekend I spent in Sweden with my love. Poor guy barely got to set foot on Swedish grounds before I dragged him to a nice setting and made him take a million pictures of me for Instagram. How did I get so lucky? He is so sweet and patient and also a great photographer (except when he zooms into my face and takes pictures in the worst of angles just to mess with me)…

We had a really chill weekend. We went for coffee in the city, drove to the mall and cooked the yummiest falafel for dinner. Saturday evening we spent in bed playing Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch. I love having a tech nerdy boyfriend who buys the coolest shit that I get to use without having to admit I also get excited about it.

As if the weekend wasn’t cozy enough, my love spoiled me with a beautiful bracelet from Edblad I innocently drooled over at Royal Design. This was truly a blessed weekend but before you barf in your mouths over my Instahappy life, let me remind you I’ve lived with crippling anxiety for the past years (a lot less now though, thanks to CBD-Oil). My life has been and is still chaotic beyond words. Most weekends I’m too drained from my job to even leave the house (yeah, I hustle like the most basic of bitches, this blog doesn’t pay enough to sustain me yet).  I deserve an Instaperfect weekend every now and thnt. I’m not gonna shit coat it to not sound like an obnoxious blogger who rubs her happy life in the faces of others.

Hope you had a cozy weekend as well, whether you spent it being the cheesiest couple in town or alone in bed eating your weight in Oreos. We don’t judge here.

Silk dress, HM  // Over-knee boots, Aldo // Cross-body bag, Zara // Oversized sweater Vintage (aka. found it when I went treasure hunting in my grandmas closet).

I love my sparkly new bracelet! It goes so well with my favorite watch. My boyfriend calls me a crow… Not sure what he means by that…

Bracelet, Edblad // Watch, Skagen


Lots of love,

Lisa Belinda