Chill weekend

This weekend I spent in Malmö with my family. The only time left the house was to go to the grocery store. The rest of the time I was relaxing on the couch, blasting Michael Bubles Christmas album and reading magazines. I did dress up, but only to step 5 meters out the front door and force my patient brother to take pictures on me for the blog and gram. The cold I had catched got a million times worse after freezing my ass off in front of the garage. So now I’m doomed sounding like an alcoholic crazy cat lady until I get my voice back. Scroll down for outfit details.

Outfit details (adlinks):

Knitted sweater, Gina Tricot HERE || Flared pants, Gina Tricot HERE || Quilted bag, Similar HERE  || Glitter heels, Similar HERE

Lots of love,

Lisa Belinda

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