My weekend

Hello fam!

I’ve had such a chill weekend. Yesterday I went into the city with Bogdan to have some coffee and just walk around and today I’ve spent almost all day in bed, working a bit from my laptop and drinking coffee. It was just the kind of relaxing weekend I needed. The past week I have felt really tired and like I´ve been constantly stressing and trying to catch up with life. I just felt like my mind was all over the place and I was constantly rushing and never getting everything done. But I’m accepting that some weeks are just like that and the best I can do is to give myself rest this weekend so that I can face next week with a clear and positive mind.

Bogdan and I have decided to adopt a cat. Yesterday we sat down to look at shelters for homeless cats and we sent out a request and I´m so happy we are finally doing this. I have always wanted to get a pure breed ragdoll cat because they’re my favourite but now I see no point in buying a breed cat when you can save one that really needs a home. I´m almost crying as I´m looking through the pictures of all the cats and reading about them. If I didn’t have a boyfriend keeping me in check I would adopt them all and turn into legit crazy cat woman.

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday. I’m gonna keep chillin’ and eat leftovers and play Fortnite with my hubby the rest of the day.

Lots of love,

Lisa Belinda

Outfit details:

1. Coat, Zara // 2. Leopard slipdress, H&M // 3. Boots, Deichman // 4. Bag, Gina Tricot // 5. Hair-scrunchie with bow, Gina Tricot