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I have decided to incorporate more beauty on my social media channels. If you’ve been reading my blog from the start, you know that it used to evolve mainly around natural, toxic-free beauty. Although my blog has grown to become more of a lifestyle blog, my interest in beauty has never faded.

I’m extremely critical in regards to the ingredients used in beauty products. Our skin is our largest organ and in many cases it actually absorbs what we put on it, meaning those ingredients gets into our bloodstream and can affect us negatively if they are toxic. I guess you could say my interest in natural beauty started from a hypochondriac perspective. The thought of toxic chemicals being absorbed by my skin and getting into my bloodstream was enough to make me pick up some books and get educated.

As we entered a new year I started feeling a longing to get back to basics. To talk about things that matter, things that make a difference. A longing to be less shallow and more kind. And this is where natural, toxic free beauty came back into the picture. The happier and more at peace I feel, the more conscious decisions I make. By conscious decisions, I mean eating healthier, more nutrient-dense foods, rather than junk food and sugar. Thinking twice before buying something and not just buy stuff because I’m bored or to silence my anxiety for a while but to actually only buy things that I truly need or that will add value to my life. And most of all, conscious decisions means using beauty-products that are toxic-free, cruelty-free and more natural, and to research the benefits of the ingredients instead of blindly accepting the brands promising marketing campaigns.

Although I like to keep my beauty products as natural as possible I want to add that I’m not obsessive about it. In some cases, I think the combination of science with nature is absolutely golden. There are some really amazing products that are not all natural but that really makes wonders for the skin without being harmful. So I just want to stretch that I am very ingredient- conscious but not obsessive. I gladly put chemicals on my skin as long as they are not harmful. I really prefer to keep a balance, where beauty and science are in symbiosis without harming us, the animals or the environment.

My blog will keep looking the same as before and I will keep posting about my life, my personal stories and fashion etc. But I will write a lot more about beauty than I have before. I will share my favourite products with you guys and I will write about the benefits of certain ingredients and about which ingredients to avoid and why. I hope you will all enjoy this. I am beyond excited to dive into this jungle with you guys and get REAL NERDY.

To start off I have listed my current favourite beauty products. It was hard to pick just a few because I have so many. Here are some products I’m currently using and absolutely LOVING:

Elemis, Papaya Enzyme Peel

I have one word for you. OUTSTANDING. I came across this exfoliator quite randomly after I got a tester when I bought some other products and ever since I first tried it I’ve been hooked. It has a fresh mild scent of papaya and it’s super gentle yet very effective. It has no grains or anything that peels mechanically, It’s just a super smooth cream that exfoliates with enzymes from papaya. I leave it on for about 15 minutes and sometimes I feel a slight burn just when I’ve applied it but it’s just proof it’s doing its magic and the feeling passes almost instantly. After washing it off the skin feels soft like a baby’s butt and has a very fresh glow. I like to use this before using a hydrating mask or serum because this gets rid of dead skin cells and allows the hydration from the following products to really sink in. You can have the most expensive, effective serum but if you haven’t removed the dead skin cells before applying it, It’s not gonna do much difference for you no matter how effective it is. I have tried other similar exfoliators but so far nothing has even come close to this one. RECOMMEND.

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Paula’s Choice, Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Toner

Ladies and gentlemen. Let me introduce, MY. HOLY. GRAIL. I first heard about this product a few years ago from Kakan Hermansson. She talked about it in almost every episode of her podcast with such passion that I couldn’t not order it. Naturally, I had high expectations but this little piece of miracle managed to even exceed those expectations. It’s a gentle exfoliating toner that exfoliates the skin with Salicylic acid which is a form of hydroxic acid also known as BHA (Beta Hydroxic Acid). This acid is very effective for acne because it’s oil-soluble so it’s able to get deeper into the pores than most ingredients to really clean out the gunk. It also acts as an effective resurfacing treatment for the upper layer of the skin and it’s able to help fade acne scars and pigmentation leaving a very fresh and glowy complexion. This makes it a great product for those wanting some anti ageing benefits as well as for those who need to keep acne at bay but I would highly recommend it for literally everyone because of the amazing glow it gives. I use this morning and night after cleansing my face. I put a generous amount it on a cotton pad, swipe over my face and let it dry a few seconds before continuing with serum and cream. It removes the dead skin cells and just paves the road for the following products so they can sink in without the dead skin cells blocking their way.

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Kora Organics, Balancing Rose Mist

We all love a good face mist and this is one of my favourites so far. I like to use it throughout the day to refresh my mind and hydrate my face. It’s natural and organic so you can calmly breathe in the natural scent of fresh roses without choking on chemicals. Apart from rose flower water, it also contains geranium oil, hibiscus and noni fruit extracts that boost your skin with vitamins and minerals and gives you a fresh radiance. I also like to use this to set my makeup if I’ve been using a powder to get a more dewy, hydrated look. It also comes in lavender and citrus and I’m very curious to try those as well.

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Burts Bee’s, Tinted Lib Balm Rose

First of all, I’m a lip balm addict. I almost never wear lipstick or lipgloss because I don’t like the feeling that I’m wearing something on my lips. I just want to feel moisturized while adding some natural colour to my lips. This tinted lip balm is my everyday hero. It’s made with natural ingredients and is actually moisturizing, unlike many conventional lip balms that make your lips dryer with every use. Its main ingredient is coconut oil which has amazing moisturizing properties. Coconut oil is something I gladly use on my lips and in my hair but not on my face or my body since its highly comedogenic but in a lip balm it’s great. This lip balm comes in a variety of colours and they’re not shiny nor sparkly, which I appreciate because I usually aim for a “my lips but better” look. I have it in the colour “Rose”.

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Kjaer Weis, Eyeshadow Wisdom

I have written about this eyeshadow before but its worth to mention again. It’s honestly the best eyeshadow I have ever tried. Its made with natural and organic ingredients so it’s very gentle for the eyes and at the same time it’s so good. What I love the most about it is that it NEVER EVER falls down under the eyes when I apply it. I have it in the colour “Wisdom” which is the perfect earthy brown that enhances the colour of my blue eyes. It can seem quite pricey for such a small container but it lasts FOREVER. I bought mine a year ago and I’ve barely scratched the surface even though I’ve used it almost every day. It makes no sense that it can last for so long but it does. MAGIC.

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Anstasia Beverly Hills, Brow Wiz Taupe

This is a new found love for me. I have heard so many praising reviews about the Anastasia Beverly Hills products but I have been reluctant to try them because I thought they were more intended for those who want to create those very “painted” doll-looking eyebrows we see all over Instagram. No offence to anyone who likes that look, everyone should do whatever the fuck they want with their face. It’s just not my cup of tea. I don’t think that super “made” look fits me and I feel like I’m playing dress-up if my brows are too painted. This may also be because I don’t have the patience (or, let’s be real, talent) to paint my brows like a freakin’ artist. I prefer my brows to look naturally full. This Brow pencil has really impressed me. It’s thin and so easy to use and I was actually surprised to see how easy it was to get a natural result. I fill in my brows by drawing strands where I’m lacking to make them look fuller and the result is by far better than anything I’ve gotten from any other brow product so far. I use the colour “Taupe” and it’s perfect for me because I look like an absolute idiot if my brows get even a hint of a red tone, which many brown brow products tend to do. But not this one, it’s the perfect neutral, light, cool brown.

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Anstasia Beverly Hills, Clear Brow Gel

After I have filled my brows in with the brow wiz, I apply this clear brow gel. This is the first brow gel I’ve tried that truly does what it promises. It creates a natural definition to the brows and it keeps them in place ALL DAY. I could take off my sweater and put it back on 400 times, and my brows wouldn’t move whatsoever. On days when I want a very natural look or when I’m not wearing any makeup, I like to use this brow gel alone just to put my brows in place. It really makes a huge difference to the appearance.

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I hope this post was able to help you find some new favorites! Keep in mind we all have different skin and what works wonders for me, may not work for you and vice versa.

Lots of love,

Lisa Belinda

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