This blog was born out of an intense frustration. I felt the need to express my emotions in a creative way. I created this space for myself to write about my feelings as raw and authentic as possible. I started sharing my struggles and learnings and I soon realized how much it helped me. Typing the words on my laptop got them out in the open so I could see them from a new perspective.

I decided from the start of this blog that if I’m gonna do this I need to be myself, one hundred percent, unfiltered and naked (not like that Jeez..). I gave up the dream of the instaperfect influencer a long fucking time ago. Despite my previous strive for perfection, I’ve come to realize that I’ll never be that girl who lives a life in a constant flattering filter of fairy dust. Who eats acai bowls for breakfast and never forgets to snap a perfect picture of it. Who seem to wake up every morning looking like fucking Cinderella post magic makeover #nomakeup. Because guess what? Nobody is actually that girl. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for celebrating the beautiful things in life but I believe we can do so without withholding the fact that we’re human. So welcome to my blog. I’m happy you found it and I hope you’ll enjoy it. I will do my best to inspire you with a lovely mix of wellness, fashion, beauty, and my everyday life. My highs and my lows. My epiphanies and my struggles. I will probably ramble at times, get a little too poetic, use one too many cheesy quotes. DEAL WITH IT. 

Lots of love,

Lisa Belinda