Autumn love

There is something about fall and particularly this pre-fall we just entered, that makes me feel so happy and inspired. The summer humidity is replaced by a fresh, cooler air and it makes me feel high on life. To me, this time of year is way more like a “New Year” than the actual New Year. I wanna star up new projects, make changes and explore new places.

There is also a certain melancholy about this time of year. It’s both beautiful and sad at the same time. It’s so clear that something is ending and it brings a certain sadness but at the same time, I am so ready for the new season to begin. My whole body is craving some change. Now, as we are slowly approaching September I can feel my motivation peaking and my thoughts becoming clearer.

Welcome autumn!


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Lots of love,

Lisa Belinda


Weekend with the fam

This weekend, I’ve spent some very needed quality time with my family in Malmö. The weather has been amazing and we have had such a great time. Yesterday we took the car and drove a few minutes outside the city to a place called Alnarp. It’s on the beautiful countryside and they have a very well known school there called SLU for all kinds of nature related educations. The school has the most amazing  parks and gardens that’s also open to the public. My mom studied landscape design there once upon a time and she was so excited being back at her old campus. She went complete Inspector Clouseau on the parallel bars; “Yes, it’s all coming back now!” (those of you who gets that reference, I like you a little extra).

We had a picnic in the park and strolled around trying to absorb the beautiful sights. I took some pictures but they don’t even make this place justice. If you’re ever in southern Sweden during summertime it’s definitely worth a visit.


Lisa Belinda



Hello dear friends!

Last weekend I went to Sweden with Bogdan. We stayed in my moms apartment in Helsingborg and on Saturday we took the car and went on a roadtrip along the coast. We drove to Höganäs and stopped along the way in Domsten and Viken. The sights were beautiful and I couldn’t help thinking about how badly I wanna live in a mansion by the sea. So badly I almost kissed the ass of the car in front of us… I really don’t know how I ever got a license.


If this is my last post it’s because my mom killed me after seeing I borrowed her shirt after swearing I wouldn’t touch her clothes…